osu!player more then just a music player

Welcome to the official website of the osu!player. The osu!player first release date was the 1st of November 2017. The osu!player was there just a programm that was scanning your osu! songs folder and just playing them. No favorites, no blacklist, no song exporter, no settings, no progress bar, to skip to a given timestamp and not even a good looking GUI. However I release it, but also was concerned about the reactions of other users, that used that "trash" back there.

Anyways, I kept developing the osu!player. First because it was a good way to improve my programming skills and also I really want to give it some features. The features, that user will like and maybe use the osu!player as a main osu! music player. So I put the basic features in it, Favorites, skipping to timestamps, blacklisting songs and much more. Howerver, most of it was bugged as hell, well everything was bugged. After some time I got some feed back and implemented it for the users, to satisfy their needs. The user

The users started to like, what I did. I did mostly everything of their request, of course if was able to do it, with my limited programming skills. Also the osu!player was the first project that I wrote in C# WPF. After a while I did a GUI overhoul, that also brought some new features, that were necessary e.g. the good -Icon, to favorise songs. Much time past and also many updates were published.

I started to develope some tools for the osu!player. The first tool that I created was the Translation-Tool. A fast way, to create translations with an overview to the current english language to your creation. The tool was no force for creating languages for the osu!player, just a simple way if you didn't had a proper editor right away in your hand. The next tool that I was developing was the osu!player Song-Exporter. However I wasn't aware, that it was a bad idea to build it directly into the player, because the player froze and wasn't usable in the export time. Also the player was shutted down by Windows if it was frozen to long. After that I made it in its own .exe as a console appliction. However, it didn't took long and it had its own full GUI. And last but not least, we don't should forget the most important tool. The osu!player Updater. The tool, that was making my life easier and the life of the users, because it the user don't have to check the forum for updates all the time. So it was quite an achievement for me. However, it was a quite buggy updater.

Time past and past. The settings were reworked and a nightcore and daycore function was added. After a quite while, I made a new miniplayer GUI for the osu!player. That was just the beginning. After it was finished, the fullscreen mode was added as a secondar window to the osu!player it was big, it looked sick and it was clean. However I decided to make it the new main GUI for the player, just because it fits the osu!player more and it remembers of the first design.

And now here we are. The osu!player developed in so many ways, well atleast in a positive way. And I'm pretty happy with it. I think thats enough background story of the osu!player, scroll down below, to find downloads and much more information about the osu!player, that you maybe find usefull.

Download osu!player

Download the osu!player installer, a small and lightweight tool for downloading the latest version of the osu!player. Just unzip the .zip file and start the .exe. then you selected your install directory and press install. After the installation process, you can close the installer and delete the installer, because you dont need it anymore. Then you can just the start the OsuPlayer.exe and enjoy listening to your songs

osu!player installer

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